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Payroll Processing Services in Florida

All American Employer Services LLC payroll software processes payroll accurately and efficiently, and is overwritten with any regulatory changes made by the government virtually the instant the changes are made public. This ensures your employees remain in full compliance. All payroll tax filings are processed timely and accurately to state, local and federal tax jurisdictions or AAES will pay the penalty.

The process begins with AAES conducting an examination of your present payroll solution. Once we fully understand your specific needs, we will implement a new, fully compliant payroll service as part of our overall package of services. Your new service will ensure accurate, timely, confidential check processing, and related taxes collected and paid accordingly.


Customized Payroll Services

All American Employer Services LLC will customize your payroll services based on your company's needs. We offer the following packages.
Via phone, fax, Email, or web, simply provide AAES with employee hours, earnings and changes. AAES will provide and deliver:

  • Payroll Employee Earnings Statement (Checks/Vouchers)
  • Payroll Register and Department Summary
  • Payroll and Tax Summary
  • Masterfile Change and New Hire Reports
  • Tax Services
  • Electronic access to current payroll reporting and 15 months of history
  • Automatic Importing of your payroll information into QuickBooks
  • Access to employee paystubs electronically
  • Delivery of payroll checks, direct deposit stubs and per payroll reports

AAES will guarantee accuracy in regards to the following:
  • 941 Federal Payroll Tax Filing and Deposits
  • State Payroll Tax Filing(s)
  • State Unemployment Tax Deposit(s) and Filing(s)
  • Federal Unemployment Tax Deposit
  • Employee Quarterly Earnings Records

  • Client Defined Reports
-Workers' Comp Report
-401(k) Report
-Sick/Vacation Report
  • Applicant screening and H.R. advice
  • Retirement Services - Simple IRA and 401k plans
  • Premium Only Plan - pre-tax health premium deductions
  • Pay-by-Pay Workers Compensation Insurance
  • Time and Labor Manager via the web or timeclock
  • PEO Services
  • Electronic transfer of payroll tax liabilities from company bank account directly to State and Federal Agencies
  • New Hire Reporting to State
  • Human Resources Assistance
  • State Unemployment Compensation Management
- Process and file responses to unemployment claims
- Provide assistance in handling employee separation
- Audit your unemployment experience rate

  • Laser Printed W-2s-for all current year employees (sealed in envelopes)
  • Employer W-3 Transmittal Summary Report
  • Federal 940 Year End Filing
  • State(s) Year End Filing
  • Copies of Employee W-2s
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