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Employer Insurance Services in Florida

All American Employer Services LLC is located in Pensacola, Florida. Call us today at (850) 696-2966 so we can help you contact a licensed benefits specialist.


No Down Payment Workers' Compensation

No down payment worker's compensation enables a company to keep from making a 25% to 30% upfront payment for worker's compensation, improving cash flow & possibly giving the company another alternative to employee leasing. AAES can turn that worker's compensation payment in to 52 weekly payments, compared to a large upfront sum, if your company pays weekly.


AAES has a vast array of benefits to assist your company with attracting and keeping employees. Offering Medical, Dental, Paid Time Off, 401K, and Tuition Reimbursement are the top five benefits potential employees are comparing when searching for a job. These are also some of the reasons aside from salary that will entice a great employee to look elsewhere from employment.
Do not hesitate to contact All American Employer Services LLC at (850) 696-2966 for assistance with obtaining the right insurance and benefits for your company. We are here to help small and medium-size businesses with their employer services.